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Here are some photos of our BMW E30 Rental Race Cars.

Here are some photos of our BMW M235i Rental Race Cars.

Are you looking to enhance your driving skills and talent level ... you can step into one of our Ferrari Rental Race Cars.

Available Ferrari Rental Race Cars include:

Ferrari F430 Ferrari Challenge

We offer a variety of BMW race cars to feed your need for speed, including: BMW E30 BMW E46 BMW M3 BMW M235i BMW GT4 BMW E36 lightweight
We build, maintain and rent a number of Mazda Miata Race Cars. If you're looking to get started in racing, our Miata Rental Cup Cars are the perfect place to start. Contact Us to rent one for yourself or a group. Our Mazda Miata Cup Cars are also great for corporate events and team building.

Race Car Rental Inquiry

Contact us to inquire about renting one of our race cars
For more than 40 years, Mike George has been an automotive enthusiast. This passion for cars has led to Mike providing a vast array of automotive services - including his internationally renowned automotive repair, restoration, fabrication and race car preparation services - Mike is also a renowned Auction specialist. Are you seeking out a special car, have your found a car you love, or desire an expert to assist you with buying or selling a car at auction - if so, Mike George has the experience and knowledge to be your advisor. Whether you are buying or selling, Mike can assist and advise you on all aspects of the sale. He can help: Determine the correct price Evaluate the vehicle Provide complete repair and restoration services Transport your vehicles to and from auction in any of our fully enclosed trailers If you're headed to auction, be sure to contact Mike George before you make any decisions to ensure you get the best bang for your buck!

Race Car Rentals

Race Car Rentals in CT at Lime Rock Park
The fleet of race cars that we offer for rent from C&M Motorsports is extensive. We have race car rentals for every drivers talent level. Whether it's the first time you are getting in to drive, you're looking to up your skill and excitement level, or you're an experienced racer. We are sure to have a car to feed your need for speed. Available rental race cars include: Mazda Miata MX5 Cup Cars BMW Race Cars Open Wheel Cars and more ...
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